Elected as a New Media Caucus Board Member

I have been elected as a New Media Caucus Board Member (Feburary 2019) where I will be beginning to work on larger vision items on both the Exhibitions Committee and the Scholarship and Diversity Committee. Including the scholarship and diversity initiatives providing the Judson-Morrissey Excellence in New Media Award: Conference Attendance Scholarship for Students of Color.

VR Nuclear Awareness – SCENE LAB – Carnegie-MacArthur Award

As part of a joint program funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation I’ll be working with a trio of Stevens Institute of Technology faculty researchers who have been awarded $500,000 to broadly assess and redefine U.S. civil defense, studying how to communicate the latest science and technology to educate the public about the threat of nuclear terrorism — as well as what measures to take if a nuclear event occurs. The Stevens project will both involve a few flagship projects as well as the solicitation, approval and seed funding …

Activatar’s September Exhibition is live!

Activatar’s September Exhibition is live. This month includes a single channel video by @barnettcohen , a 360 immersive video by @francois.knoetze and an augmented reality installation by @leocastaneda__ . The app is FREE to DOWNLOAD and all projects are playable and fully contained within the app.  

Hoboken Historical Museum AR Postcard App

Greetings from Hudson County A postcard history from then and now This app, developed by the Hoboken Historical Museum as part of its 2019 “Greetings from Hudson County, A Postcard History – Then & Now” exhibit allows the user to point their device at a selection of historic Hudson County postcards, and then be presented with a contemporary 180° view of the location with a brief audio description. A selection of Hoboken postcards in our book, “Greetings from Hoboken: A Postcard History” are also viewable in the same manner. The app will be free to download on ITunes and Android …

Activatar’s August Exhibition is live! Guest Curator Tina Sauerlander

Activatar’s August exhibition: August and Everything after is curated by Tina Sauerländer. It’s summertime. We are on holidays, hanging out on the beach, by the lake or in a cozy bathtub. Finally, we have some time and space for ourselves to ponder about what passed and what will happen after the summer. The works of the exhibition create private immersive moments and reflect on personal lives and social states of being. Bianca Kennedyennedy, Faith Holland and Tamiko Thiel Thiel speculate on what it could mean to share private spaces, on intimately caring about digital devices and on adapting to new conditions of our surroundings. Now, I …

Activatar’s July Exhibition is live!

Activatar’s July exhibition is live featuring artist: Nathan Shafer, Noako Tosa, and Silvia Ruzanka. Amazing works this month includes an augmented reality reconstruction of the three domed city proposals in Alaska during the 1970s which were never built, a single channel video using sound vibrations and Japanese lacquer, shot by a high-speed camera with 2000 frames/sec., and an interactive virtual landscape using the recorded sounds of a failing hard drive. The app is FREE to DOWNLOAD and all projects are playable and fully contained within the app.

Interactive Installations for Intrepid Air and Space Museum – SCENE LAB

As part of SCENE LAB (LINK) myself and Professor Seth Cluett have developed the following two interactive installations for a new exhibition of the Growler submarine at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in New York, New York. Sonar This interactive experience puts visitors in the critical role of Growler’s sonarmen. Visitors will discover that sonar was essential for the safe operation of the submarine and for avoiding detection. Visitors will interact with a console that mimics Growler’s sonar systems, giving them an opportunity to hear and identify the types of sounds that sonarmen would have heard. Scope of work …

Activatar’s May Exhibition is live!

Activatar’s May exhibition is live. Amazing works this month include an IBM Watson driven AR installation, a video art work of a room of Cabinets of Curiosity, and a virtual reality encounter with 3D scans of drag queens and kings. The app is FREE to DOWNLOAD and all projects are playable and fully contained within the app. Our April Exhibition features artists: Chris Collins, Nicole Cohen – Partipilo, Alison Bennett, Megan Beckwith, andMark Payne.