Activatar’s August Exhibition is live! Guest Curator Tina Sauerlander


Activatar’s August exhibition: August and Everything after is curated by Tina Sauerländer.

It’s summertime. We are on holidays, hanging out on the beach, by the lake or in a cozy bathtub. Finally, we have some time and space for ourselves to ponder about what passed and what will happen after the summer.

The works of the exhibition create private immersive moments and reflect on personal lives and social states of being. Bianca Kennedyennedy, Faith Holland and Tamiko Thiel Thiel speculate on what it could mean to share private spaces, on intimately caring about digital devices and on adapting to new conditions of our surroundings.

Now, I grab my kitschy watermelon air mattress to float on the calm sea. I bask in the warmth and the sun sets in a beautiful pink glow. I listen to the Counting Crows and think about love and loneliness, friendship and meaningfulness, about believing. About yesterday and tomorrow. See you in September.

The app is FREE to DOWNLOAD and all projects are playable and fully contained within the app.