Art2Code is a catalog that features the work of artists who use computer programming and code to create work that manifests as screen imagery, sculptural objects, installation environments, or time-based performance.
The collected artworks highlight the various ways algorithms and computer coded instructions are used to create artwork that expands the interactive relationships between art, artists and audience.

This project was produced the artists collective, v1b3 and The College Art Association. Each project will link to the v1b3 website where additional media will be available and the catalog can be downloaded. A printable PDF catalog is available for download below.

Mat Rappaport, Art2<code>

Tiffany Funk, Magic, the Future, and Code: Casting Coding within the Prosthetic Relationship
Meredith Hoy, Art2<code>

Julianne Aguilar,
Joshua Albers, Transmission 2
Abraham Avnisan, Collocations
Andrej Boleslavský, Google Eye
Nick Bontrager, SIGNALS
Victoria Bradbury, Witch Pricker
Joelle Dietrick, Cargomobilities
Nicholas Economos, Apophenia
Rafael Fajardo, Hopscotch
Mark Franz, Zelda Deforested
Lori Hepner, Status Symbols
Daniel Howe, Automatype
Scott Kildall, Data Crystals
Benjamin Grosser, Computers Watching Movies
Meg Mitchell, space is language is space
Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy, Packet Switching
Mark Ramos, last_night_i_dreamt_of_a_hollow_earth
Martin Reiche, Drone Garden
Catherine Siller, Not Not 0.1
Robert Spahr, Sabot (Nine Quilts for MOVE)
Abram Stern (aphid), The Unreliable Interrogator: smallest procedural utterance
Andrei Thomaz, Time Machines
Jeff Thompson, INTERP
Jody Zellen, The Unemployed