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Art2Drone is a catalog of art projects that explore diverse and critical approaches to “drone” technologies. In recent years radio controlled and mobile application driven quadrocoptors have become ubiquitous toys simultaneous with greater public awareness of commercial and military uses of UAVs (unmanned autonomous vehicles). Artists have adapted these tools for their practices.

Art2Drone is the fourth in a series of experimental catalogs that explore artists’ responses to new technologies. Previous projects include Scan2Go, Art2View and Art2Make which focus on QR codes, augmented reality and 3D printing respectively. Each publication includes a feature for each project with links to a rich media website and critical essays that extend the viewing experience.



Nadav Assor, Ophan
Andrej Boleslavsky, Crash!
Paul Catanese, Visible From Space
Sterling Crispin, Charon
Joeseph DeLappe, In Drones We Trust
Ricardo Dominguez + Ian Alan Paul + Jane Stevens, Drone Crash Incident
Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Sanguine
Nathaniel Hartman, ASM_frag
Jim Jeffers, Flyover 16
Richard Johnston, Weightless
Maria Judova, Composition for a Drone
Patrick Lichty + Mark Skwarek, AR Drone “Love Bomber” Over Bushwick
Lee Montgomery, Learning to Write with Remote Control
Simon Remiszewski, Drone Conditioning
Kathleen Rogers, My First Dronie
Carlos Rosas, Revelry Revealed
Nicholas Sagan, For the Love of…
Lile Stephens, Flight Simulator
Scott Patrick Wiener, Landscape Acquisition
Jeff Will + Liz Wuerffel, My Drone Brings People Together


Meredith Hoy, Invisible Shadows: Overturning Secrecy in Drone Technology
George Monteleone, Liminal Airspace!
Abigail Susik, The Drone in Social Imaginaries