Equirectangular + 360 Video image sequence creation in C4D

  Download Project File Here This project file allows you to render Equirectangular images out of Cinema4D and have control of a “360 camera” to move through a scene and render out 360 video. This in not stereoscopic video but spherical 360 image sequences that can be uploaded to Youtube or Facebooks 360 video supported playback. In this project file you will see a sphere named “360 Camera” this sphere is the camera. This sphere has a completely reflective texture on it, it’s size is 10cm diameter, it’s rotational segments are set at 1000 to minimize any facets from showing. …

Skybox Generator – C4D to Unity

This is tutorial is a quick overview of how to create your own Skybox Environments for use in Unity5 using Cinema4D. I’m also providing the Cinema4D project file with all the proper camera, sky, key framing, and render settings ready to go. You can download the Cinema4D project file here —> Cinema4D Skybox Generator Project File The Cinema4D file contains two objects in the project panel and the following settings: 1. Project should contain only 6 Frames one for each side of your skybox. This mean the timeline should go from 0-5 2.Camera Setup (with the following settings) Object Menu> Field …

Cimema 4D Adjust All Keyframes At Once

I’ve been looking for this for a long time and it was right in front of my face. So easy using the Summary end tabs to scale/stretch/shrink/move any and all key frames. No more dealing with the Move/Scale function and converting everything to a decimal point.

ActivatAR App is Live!

I’ve created a new augmented reality platform to host monthly shows on a wide range of material. This platform is accessible through an App I created called ActivatAR. ActivatAR uses Augmented Reality Image Recognition for our inaugural show ActivatAR is turning the NYC Metrocard into a gallery in your palm by hosting an interactive 3D sculptural work by artist Michael Rees. For more info there are links below. Please Visit Activatar.org Like Activatar on Facebook  You can download the App here  

I made a App!

I created this app is for the display of my own digital augmented reality artworks. The App opens into a full screen camera model where the viewer can point their phone at works to see virtual 3D sculptures, audio, video, and animations in real time. PROJECT PAGE