Only As Beautiful As The Objects It Reflects

I discover my absence from the place where I am because I see myself over there.- Foucault

These works have been created using 3D scan data from particular sites along with 360° HDRI images captured from the same sites. The 3D objects first get processed and made into solid objects for printing. They then receive a fully reflective mirrored texture within the software. The 360° HDRI image then gets placed in the scene as the spherical environment around the object. Once the orientation is correct the reflections on object get baked into its surface creating a new texture that welds the reflection of the environment to the surface of the object. The 2D Inkjet prints below are following the same concept in addition the HDRI enviroment is still visible providing access to whats around the object not only by looking into objects reflection.

Color 3D Prints

2016-08-05 11.23.13

2016-08-05 11.14.27

manzione1_1920manzione11_1920 manzione12_1920 manzione10_1920 manzione9_1920 manzione8_1920 manzione7_1920 manzione6_1920 manzione5_1920 manzione4_1920 manzione3_1920 manzione2_1920

2D Inkjet Prints –  22.5”x 40”

These renders show the objects and their enviroment together. ByersPlanter1280FlatIronsStandingTree1280 FlatIronsBoulder1280 FlatIronsTreeDown1280